Several months passed since I last wrote here. The connectivity condition between China and US went so awful recently, and I have to buy another cheap server in Hong Kong dedicated for shadowsocks.

I've been doing exorcises regularly, mostly rowing, and muscle practices sometimes. Of course physically I feel much better now, and occasionally I do regret looking down upon those who spend time on body exercises. How stupid is that?

I lost some significant amount of money on stock market, yeah... Chinese stock market. I guess I'll need some time to earn that loss back. I've just opened US stock market account on TigerBroker, which is a brand new agency funded by lots of famous investors including Xiaomi. I'd been thinking about getting out of investing at all, but I just can't. Investing is a very good way to justify your personal philosophy views, and if they are correct, can make you rich. I haven't been able to make any money in the market now, but I do have some thoughts on how the world and market should work. So I should spend more time learning finance market and investing, it could be a life-long endeavor.

The biggest change to my life is on the way, perhaps only two weeks away. Currently I still haven't figured out the exact meaning. Nervous, of course, but I just believe I can do it well, at least better than my other aspects in life.

Code School is a great website to learn programming. I've purchased one month long premium membership, and finished several courses there. Alas, better than read book and do nothing in practical, huh?

Caught a cold, and I must hold it.