2013 comes to the end. A not-so-satisfied year.

The only significant thing I've done is moving back to Wuhan. It is surely an event which brings a whole lot of implications to my life. Anyway I can hardly call it a "achievement". Simply several couple of calls as interviews, follow the procedure to transfer and relocate, some time-killing wait, and here I am, back to the city again.

My first career had lasted for five years, a really long time for IT guys. My second job? Six months. And now I'm working 9:00AM to 6:00PM. So far, not bad, hardly a good life.

After living these years, and the most brutal fact you come to realize is that it's you, yourself, who should be fully responsible with. Even have trouble jumping out of warm bed at winter? What else are you capable to do

Lots of retrospections, yet lots of things to be done. Will I do well in 2014? We'll see.