Install El Capitan + Windows 10 on Mid-2010 Macbook Pro (MC374)


I’ve spent two days to finally successfully installed El Capitan + Windows 10 on my old Mid-2010 Macbook Pro (Model MC374).

  1. The key point  to install Windows 10 on MC374 is that you have to boot the installation under traditional mode instead of EFI, otherwise graphical card driver will crash. Have been struggling with this problem for a whole day before I came across this discussion on Apple forum;
  2. In order to boot the traditional way, I had to use DVD. USB stick doesn’t work because it can only boot EFI mode, or maybe I don’t know how to do it. The SuperDrive hasn’t been used for several years I guess, and it simply didn’t work at first, complaining ” error burning disk image: the disk drive didn’t respond properly and can’t recover or retry”. I’d done some housework by following this with alcohol and dishcloth, and it did work!
  3. El Capitan’s BootCamp assistant supports USB-less Windows installation, which means it can use an ISO file instead of physical USB stick or DVD. But… old model Mac are not supported. And because the Windows to install is 10 instead of 7, the assistant won’t even do the partition work, so have to do it manually;

After so many years in IT industry, and installing OS is still one of my major work. So pathetic.




Born on Sep 27, 2015, Chinese Mid-autumn day. It’s a girl, weighed 3.9 kilograms. We call her Ada, and give her the Chinese name Miumiu(缪缪).

I would not say my life has been changed dramatically, because it’s not. Anyway, now it’s three of us together try harder to live a more significant and interesting life.



Several months passed since I last wrote here. The connectivity condition between China and US went so awful recently, and I have to buy another cheap server in Hong Kong dedicated for shadowsocks.

I’ve been doing exorcises regularly, mostly rowing, and muscle practices sometimes. Of course physically I feel much better now, and occasionally I do regret looking down upon those who spend time on body exercises. How stupid is that?

I lost some significant amount of money on stock market, yeah… Chinese stock market. I guess I’ll need some time to earn that loss back. I’ve just opened US stock market account on TigerBroker, which is a brand new agency funded by lots of famous investors including Xiaomi. I’d been thinking about getting out of investing at all, but I just can’t. Investing is a very good way to justify your personal philosophy views, and if they are correct, can make you rich. I haven’t been able to make any money in the market now, but I do have some thoughts on how the world and market should work. So I should spend more time learning finance market and investing, it could be a life-long endeavor.

The biggest change to my life is on the way, perhaps only two weeks away. Currently I still haven’t figured out the exact meaning. Nervous, of course, but I just believe I can do it well, at least better than my other aspects in life.

Code School is a great website to learn programming. I’ve purchased one month long premium membership, and finished several courses there. Alas, better than read book and do nothing in practical, huh?

Caught a cold, and I must hold it.







Jan 2015


读了四本书,「What If?」, 「The Innovators」, 「奇特的一生」以及「自控力」。实际上并没有花掉多少时间,只要能持续每天读一些,一年50本书是很轻松就能达到的里程数。



然后还有… We’ll see.

近期的一个愿望是入手最新的retina Macbook Pro. 据Mac Rumors上的Buyer Guide来看,至少还要等三个月左右。


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